Everything That Glitters

Great power demands an even greater sacrifice…

Seventeen years ago, Psenora, the rarest form of Mother Nature, crossed over into our world while escaping bloodthirsty hunters- but she was not alone. Tucked away inside the protection of her cloak, she carried a newborn baby girl whom she later named, Alizarin. It is during their time in the human world that Alizarin first discovers that she can read minds, and, if that isn’t strange enough, she can also manipulate and manifest fire from thin air. Entangled in a web of lies and unaware of the dangers she’s in, Alizarin simply just wishes she can return to her human state, and when offered a chance to hone her powers, she chooses to neither take it nor leave it. Why can’t she just be like everyone else?

On the other side of the spectrum: Masaya, leader of an entire army of Imperials and Lord Stewart to the high Queen, has vowed that she will have Alizarin’s power one way or another. There’s only one problem- she can’t find her! With over 7,000 different dimensions to search through, she hasn’t nearly put a scratch on the surface- that is, until Alizarin makes a crucial mistake. With a new sense of hope and a stronger course of action, Masaya won’t allow her to slip away this time.

Everything That Glitters is now available in Paperback and as an eBook
Everything That Glitters (Paperback)
Everything That Glitters (eBook)

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