Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today my sister could have been killed. Sounds grim, I know. Strange thing? Last week I could have been killed. Though the extent of her collision ranked about a 7 to my 5, the fact remains the same that both of our tickets could have been punched way too early in this life.

In my case, I was lured into a game of pool by a male decoy while someone took 4/5 lug nuts off of my front tire then shoved a 3 Musketeer into my fuel tank (I knew I hated those things for a reason). Well, as you can imagine I didn't get far with that many missing lug nuts yet I was still able to drive my car out onto the feeder road of a busy highway. Just before I was due to get on the highway a little voice told me to pull my hoopty over and as I did, my tire bolted off of my bucket of bolts and took off down the highway without me. Seconds later, my sister (same one mentioned earlier) was out of the car and chasing down the tire like it was no tomorrow. Good thing too, cause I neither had the energy or stamina.

Well, that was last week and I considered it water under the bridge until I was told my sister nearly totaled her car trying to avoid a collision. My thoughts? It might have been a lot cheaper to just let the bastard hit her. She bounced back and forth on the guard rail like a tennis ball. Luckily, my nephew was not in the vehicle, and she was able to walk away from this a little more than shaken up but a lot less than banged up.

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